Ben Coleman offers mobile personal and group training, sport & remedial massage, nutritional advice and bootcamps.

A busy lifestyle can hold you back from making the most of your gym membership. Having a mobile personal trainer is becoming more popular with people’s hectic lifestyles. You can work in the comfort of your home, or any other place at a time that suits you. No space is too big or too small. No equipment is needed as Ben brings everything to you.

Ben's famous personal training programs are widely recognised for one crucial thing: results, it’s as simple as that! Nutrition and fat loss is covered, including a food diary analysis, advice on carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the effects they have on your body. Ben also offers corporate fitness classes from small businesses to major corporations such as Sky and Haymarket Publishing.

Natalie Joel and Ben Coleman have recently collaborated to create ‘Fitness in 4’. This four week guide sets out a progressive fitness regime that can be tailored for any ability, requires minimal space and no fitness equipment. By week four, this plan aims to improve your fitness to a level you never thought possible before you began at week one.

Contact Ben to find out how he can help you achieve your fitness goals.


28 Walton Park,
Surrey, KT12 3EU

Tel: 07535 623554
Email: info@coleman

I have worked with Ben for around 5 years now and have really enjoyed the experience. Ben is very flexible on time and has a good client service ethic, which allows one to balance trying to get fit with a busy job.
— Martin, Walton local
After the first month of training, eating right and following Ben’s simple yet effective methods, I was looking amazing. I am continuing to lose weight, tone up, and starting to book body modelling jobs so I am uber happy!
— Jack, Walton local