EdAble Social Kitchen is on a mission to help busy people eat more scratch-cooked, fresh food. They intercept edible 'surplus' ingredients, that might otherwise go to waste, and use them to create delicious, nutritious, home-style meals. The business is a social enterprise, re-investing profits to address food waste and create employment opportunities for the disabled community.

We all know that eating freshly prepared food is better for us, but don’t always have the time or money to make eating fresh a priority. That’s where EdAble Social Kitchen comes in – they make scratch-cooked meals convenient and affordable, so that customers can enjoy home-style cooking, without having to cook! From day to day the team is never sure what surplus ingredients suppliers will provide, so each day’s menu is unique.  The team is made up of enthusiastic food lovers, who take their culinary inspiration from around the world, from Indonesian curry, Mexican chilli and Spanish casseroles, to more quintessentially British favourites, like Shepherd’s Pie. 

By supporting EdAble, customers not only eat well, but also help the environment, and provide employment for some of society’s most marginalised individuals. The EdAble team call it ‘The Feed Good Factor’! Check out their website for more information on their Walton pop-up – Surplus Sunday Lunch.


Burview Hall,
Queens Road,
Surrey, KT12 5AB

Email: suzanne@edablesocial.com

Great initiative. Sustainable on so many levels...
— Laura, Walton local
What a great meal. Everyone loved it, more than enough in quantities and so good not to have to cook. The vegetarian dish went down a treat. Everyone very content. Thank you.
— Susi