Elmbridge Road Runners are a friendly, local, road-running club catering for runners of all abilities. There are around 100 members, both male and female, of mixed ability. They meet on the first floor of the Elmbridge Canoe Club on Tuesdays at 7pm (these sessions are also beginner friendly), at the Elmbridge Xcel Hub Track on Wednesdays at 7pm and in the Summer, for runs in the woods, meet at West End, Esher, by the pond, on Thursdays at 7pm

At weekends there is usually a club run on Sundays, and details are on the Elmbridge Canoe Club notice board or the online diary. Some nights they just jog around the streets or on the river towpath and on the first Tuesday of each month a group may do a reps or hill session. The club also hosts a yearly 10K race in July

Everyone is welcome to join in for a few runs with no commitment to join, simply turn up and say hello to anyone who looks like a runner.


Elmbridge Canoe Club,
Walton Lane,
Surrey, KT13 8LU

Tel: 01932 241448
Email: Mike@err.club

Friendly crowd - always somebody to run with.
— Chris, Walton local
Made new friends, and got many Personal Bests too.
— Camilla, Walton local