A great fun experience to increase your drawing skills, whatever your level. This friendly group welcomes everyone. There is plenty of help and advice at hand.

Corinne is an established artist and qualified teacher. Her career in the creative arts is multi-disciplined. In these classes, Corinne will explore appropriate techniques and develop your skills to the max in the art of life drawing. All abilities welcome, the group is small and the setting intimate. Booking is in advance, there is help for beginners, and you need to bring an overall & drawing equipment. The classes are on Thursdays at 10am - 1pm, come and surprise yourself!

Corinne organises and then teaches a variety of techniques for drawing and painting the human form. The whole class is a joy to participate with and this is mainly down to our talented teacher.
— Michael, local

Riverhouse Barn,
Manor Road,
Surrey, KT12 2PF

Tel: 07767 403 722

The life drawing classes are small and well organised always with very good models. Corinne makes every class a challenge for those who are experienced students while at the same time gives good clear instruction to beginners helping them to gain confidence in their work.
— Wendy, local