"Nutrition. Lifestyle. Fitness"

Whatever level you are, whether you want help to a path of enjoying fitness and healthy eating or to improve your current fitness level and nutrition, Mai can help you. It is her goal to help you achieve your goals.

Mai is a REPS registered personal trainer and nutrition adviser based out of PureGym, Walton-On-Thames and the surrounding areas. How you want to train is completely up to you. Mai can come to you, you to her or a mutual location such as an open space. She offers single as well as group sessions including:

  • Pre/Post Natal: pregnancy is a time of immense change in a woman’s life and most women recognise the importance of eating well during pregnancy
  • Fat Loss: whether you want to achieve fat loss by altering your diet, increasing physical activity or both, Mai can tailor a programme to suit
  • Resistance Training: whatever your age, whether you want to ‘tone up’, increase your muscular strength, hypertrophy, power (speed strength) or endurance, Mai can devise a suitable training programme for you and instruct you on correct form to maximise your results
  • Cardio Fitness: cardiovascular exercise increases your metabolic rate and improves the function and efficiency of your heart and lungs, which can benefit you in a number of ways including lowering blood pressure and decreasing the chances of a stroke and CV disease
  • Nutrition: whether you want a complete dietary overhaul, to improve your current diet or weight management via nutrition, Mai will work with you to achieve your goals by analysing food diaries, writing diet plans and even visiting the shops with you
  • Core Strength: good abdominal strength/endurance and tone are essential for everyday living, the ability to carry out day to day exercises and improves muscle (body) awareness

Thanks to Mai with her personal and fun way of training and keeping fit. I feel 100% better about myself and now need a whole new summer wardrobe!
— Amy, Walton local
Mai is a very good trainer and is fab with other details about training - would highly recommend her!
— Chrissie, Walton local