olive you


Supplied by Grace Walker and Duncan James-Milnes

The true test of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the acidity level and Olive You's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is only 0.3%. It is single sourced from Northern Crete, using the koroneiki olive which is high in anti-oxidants. With benefits varying from healthier hair and skin, to reducing the risk of heart disease, it is an elixir for life. Extremely low humidity makes Crete one of the best growing regions in the World. Low humidity means low acidity. Also, speed of harvest to press contributes to low acidity. They press within 24 hours, unlike many big brand names. Their mission: To share the truth so we can all benefit from good, healthy, honest oil.

You can purchase their beautiful bottles, cans and other products at the monthly Walton Farmer's market from 9:30am until 2:00pm every first Saturday of the month. They make great Christmas gifts!