Playful-Paws is a local dog walking and doggy day care service that offers local dog walks, doggy day care and sometimes sleepovers for your beloved family member. You can rest assured that your dog is being looked after and loved by either Stuart the Owner and Founder of Playful-Paws or Anita the Duty Manager at Playful-Paws. Services include:

  • Doggy Boarding
    Your dog will get picked up and have a walk, then come home and chill out before going for an evening stroll and then chilling out on the sofa in front of the TV before bed time.

  • Doggy Day Care
    Playful-Paws will pick your dog up, take them for a walk and bring them to the Playful-Paws home where they can relax until they get to go home.

  • Dog Walking
    A guaranteed one hour dog walk for your beloved pet of any size and breed.

For prices and more information, please check out their website.


New Zealand Avenue,
Surrey, KT12 1PX

Tel: 07488 360 713


Mon - Sat: 8am - 6pm
Sun: Closed

Stuart is so good with our two dogs, they are always looking forward to their walks with him. We get lots of photos and videos of them enjoying themselves and it is clear that Stuart enjoys what he does and this means they enjoy it too! Always come home to two very tired and content pups. Highly recommended!
— Doug, Walton local