"Improve your Health. Reduce your Stress. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!"

Vee O'Brien is a Transformation Coach, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Essential Oils Consultant. She works with clients to help them to make transformational changes to their health, wellbeing and happiness - whether that's reaching health and weight loss goals, overcoming illness, removing unwanted habits or behaviours, ridding themselves of chronic stress, or generally rediscovering their love of life again!

Whatever your personal goals or dreams, they can be achieved without resorting to restrictive diets or medications, but instead with the power of amazing food (and plenty of it) and correct health education, combined with an understanding of the way our minds work - through Transformation Coaching.

Vee Vital offers Nutritional Therapy, Healthy Weight Loss Programmes, Emotional Eating Coaching and there are even Events, Talks and Seminars available, which provide a valuable way to teach the fundamental basics of good nutrition and healthy eating. Vee recommends starting off with a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to discuss your queries and how these activities can help you.

Vee is also an Essential Oils Consultant and regularly holds local and online Introduction to Essential Oils Classes, both on a 1-1 basis and group classes. She says since discovering the oils, they have completely changed her and her family's lives, making managing minor health problems a simple, and healthy process. Check out the Vee Vital website for more information on all services.


Vee put me on the right track with advice on nutrition and supplements. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I started to feel better. I would recommend Vee to anyone.
— Paula, Walton local
I’ve enjoyed working with Vee immensely! Vee has a very friendly and approachable way of working. Using Vee’s advice, I’ve cleaned up my cooking, my cupboard, my eating habits and feel healthier and more energised!
— Lilian, Walton local