Zoe is a fully qualified personal trainer, passionate about working with women to help them feel good! She offers individual or small group sessions and works out of her own private, fully equipped gym in central Walton. She knows what it is like to be a busy working woman and a mum, so her aim is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals in a way that fits within your life.

Zoe's training includes Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching, Advanced Resistance training, Core training, Nutrition and Weight Management, and she is a Pre and Post Natal specialist, educated by Jenny Burrell, the global leader in this area of women's fitness and well-being.

Ladies - you may have aspirations to feel better and more confident about your body, be able to run after your children without being out of breath, to feel great in your swimsuit, favourite dress or jeans, or to safely keep active during your pregnancy. Whatever your goal is, Zoe would like to hear about it and help you achieve it.


Zoe is fantastic! Her cheery disposition on a Monday morning was the boost I needed. She gets the best out of me whilst making it enjoyable and achieving results.
— Abby, Walton local
Zoe is knowledgeable, open and honest - and very easy to chat with and train with. Her sessions are informal and fun and she gets incredible results without being mean!
— Francesca, Walton local